Icon of Epitaphios Byzantine Lamentation of Christ - hand painted Apokathilosis Deposition from the Cross



This is a fragment/part of a bigger synthesis, the icon of Apokathilosis (deposition of the cross) or Epitaphios (lamentation) icon, a most dramatic scene that epitomizes the Passion of our Lord, and one of the greatest moments of the holy week- I never can look at this icon without remembering one of the sadest of psalms (in Eptaphios Threnos) : "Oh, my sweet spring time, my sweetest child, where has your beauty set?" 

The painting is executed with eggtempera- Leaves of copper are added to the background something that  has added an antique look to the painting. It is uniquely painted by Eka on specially treated wood that is already decorated with pyrography on the border

The size of the "window"-shaped wooden panel is 30x16 cm. The Christogram (IC XC- Iesous Christos) as well as the word Depiction ("Apokathilosis") are written in byzantine Greek with red egg tempera.  The being- "O On" is also written inside a cross that divides the Lord's Halo.- On top of the Cross the scroll reads as: "O Vasileys tis doxis" (The King of Glory) which is the inscription following the orthodox tradition

 A metal hanger is attached on the back- Additionally the icon comes with the adequate gift wrapping and little extras from our shop