Holy Pentecost icon- The Descent of the Holy Spirit hand painted on plywood -Byzantine icons and orthodox iconography medieval art




The representatin of the Pentecost. An icon, filled -to the point of excaustion- with detail and symbolism. Colors that rythmically and harmonically overlap each other in the garments of the Apostles, the "tongues" of fire symbolising the descent of the Holy Spirit. The empty throne in the middle, implicating who should be seated there,, the young personification of the (vain and kingly) world/ kosmos that each one of them is called to preach in. 

Taken from a byzantine, medieval illuminated manuscript and painted with egg tempera in a hard plywood (made out of birch) that measures 45x30 in size approx

All our icons apepared following the traditional byzantine technique, where we apply egg tempera in a special prepared wooden board and then seal the colours with shellac and resin varnish.

Additionally all of our icons are prepapred as gifts in their individual bags, with some mini extra surprises from our shop.