Holy Myrrh-bearer contemporary religious painting in Driftwood - OOAK icon eggtempera on reused wood


An icon of a Myrrh-bearing saint painted in a little piece of construction wood with eggtempera- The Holy Myrerhbearers were  from the people, that followed the Lord and  his disciples whenwver they went- supported them financially and practically, arranged foood shelter. They were the ones that stayed untill the bitter end- and the first ones that witnessed His glorious resurrection. . Always true, always there, always believing

The dimensions of this light recycled  wood can be compared with my hand in the pics . This small piece of wood was treated specially, left to dry for days and then a layer of gesso was added. Several layers of egg tempera and a antique gold background around the . Finally the icon was varnished on the top, with shellac and resin varnish to last. 

Gift wrapping: The icon comes tenderly protected in its individual handmade felt bag, together with some instructions how to care for it, a little sachet of herbs from our garden in Crete -and our typical icon favors - Perfect for a personal gift.