Holy Family icon- byzantine catholic icon contemporary religious art and iconography egg tempera on canvas with craquelure



The Holy family, a theme not belonging to the orthodox iconography, but nevertheless very beautiful and popular in catholic art. Her, St Josef the Betrothed, the most Holy Mother and the divine Child are pictured together- I particularly like  St Joseph in this icon, a man most holy, appointed by God to care for Theotokos and Jesus Christ- The choice of Colours is bold against a dark blue background

The icon measures approximately 22x28 cm and is 15 mm  thick.

The Christogramm (Ieseous Vhristos) the title Meter Theou and Josef (Iosif)  written with yellow egg tempera in medieval Greek characters . On this eggtempera piece a special canvas was used to create  a type of "craquelure" , especially on the sides- like the one we see in antique icons. An organic patina shellac and resin varnish are added on top to seal the colours and produce an icon that will last.

The icon comes gift-wrapped in its special felt bag, handmade too and with some little extras from our shop.