Harrowing of Hell 22K Gold Framed painting of the orthodox Resurrection of the Lord Icon or Anastasis Christ in Hades-sacred art of Greece



Thericon of  the Resurrection of our Lord; - The Harrowing of Hell, or Christ in Hades (Underworld).  This icon is the representation of the verse that we orthodoxs triumphantly chant: Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and to those in the tomb He has given life"- . It is the Lord, in his Glory, standing over the abyss of the underworld, pulling Adam and Eve (the mankind) out, saving them from death.
The icon is blue in the background like the byzantine frescoes. The Christogram (Iesous Christos) -IC XC is written in medieval Greek

A  study of the image found in Chora monastery in Constantinople, the icon is painted on a specially treated with gesso, light carton canvas that measures 35x29 approximately inside a  very beautifully gold plated and hand crafted double frame

The medium for this artwork (part of a series of paintings on based on byzantinen frescoes with scenes from the passion of Christ) is eggtempera, covered  with shellac (an organic varnish) and sealed with resin varnish.

The icon comes very carefully packaged along with its gift wrapping and some mini extras from our shop