Hand painted icon of Ypapanti- Meeting of our Lord in the Temple- wall plaque egg tempera on wood holy iconography and art of Greece


The icon of Ypapanti or the Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Temple- It is the moment wher finally the righteous Elder Simeon is to behold the Messaih as He was promised many many years ago- The Most Holy Theotokos and St Joseph had brought the Infant Jesus to fulfill the Law and St Simeon is taking the Divine Child in his arms uttering- “Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace, according to Thy word.....” (Luke 2:29). 

A very special detail on the icon is the movement of Theotokos, which holds Her hand close to Her heart while listening on the prophecy of St Symeon“a sword shall pierce through your own soul” (Luke 2:35).

On the sides we also see St Joseph  holding two pigeons (as poor people did) for offering, and the righteous Anna the Prophetess, holding a scroll which reads: “This Infant has established Heaven and Earth.”

The size of the icon is the same as an A4 page and it is 15mm thick- It is handpainted with eggtempera (the traditional mixture of mineral powders- egg and vinegar) on  a specially prepared wooden panel. Copper gold is added on the background, with a patina in order to acquire a copperish brown antique color. On the end several layers of top coats are added to make the icon last

Finally- the icon comes tenderly protected in its individual bag, together with its instructions how to care for it, a little sachet of herbs from our garden in Crete -and our custom icon favors - Ready to be given as a gift