Hand of God contemporary icon - Religious Painting with the Souls of the Righteous Last Judgement imaging Book of Wisdom byzantine art and icon painting


An icon speaking about Last Judgement, a representation of the Wisdom of Solomon, or the Book of Wisdom and namely the verse 3:1 “But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and there shall no torment touch them.”

Wisdom of Solomon 3:1

Size: A plywood board , cut in a way that crates a lot of vurves measuring 24x24 cm approx

A contemporary religious painting made with egg tempera according the traditional technique of byzantine iconography. All of our materials are based in tradition and interact with their environment producing a spiritual artefact that will last for generations ageing gracefully through time.

Additionally the icon comes tenderly protected in its individual bag, together with its instructions how to care for it, a little sachet of herbs from our garden in Crete -and our custom icon favors - Ready to be given as a gift