Guardian Angel- A heavenly creature in surf tumbled wood- egg tempera technique neobyzantine contemporary religious art


This is an Angelicon's Angel- A heavenly creature in surf tambled wood, in a "palyfull" mood, as if He/she is playing hide and seek with tthe viewer

The icon sizing is relative to myself in the pics. Copper metal leaves (imitating gold) are added as a background something ) that will give through time a copper patina and an antique look to the byzantine painting. The icon is signed  by the maker

Our icons are made with egg tempera (a mixture of egg yolk vinegar and powder pigments) in gessoed panels that we ourselves produce too. Shapes and figures are created with several layers of this delicate and sometimes transparent paint. Afterwards the colors are sealed with organic varnish for protection (shellac) and finally protected with resin varnish- to make an artifact that will age gracefully and last for generations.