Greek Folk Crucifixion - Nicho with the Passion of Christ- shadow box Jesus Retablo - orthodox tradition of Greece


I think it is a sort of an obsession we have about Greek folk art and all  traditional religious themes (that remind us so much of  Mexican retablos)- Eka always wanted to make a Crucifixion, like in the one you may see in an old "iconostasi", the Greek humble icon corner that is found in homes.

A wooden shadow box, a Nicho type of box and gessoed canvas was used to create this folk piece with the Lord in His last hour. The shadow box was the background that freely represented the nature at this terrible moment. A gessoed canvas was cut in the shape of the Lord and drawn with egg tempera.

The painting was executed with mixed Media, egg tempera and acrylics. in a box measuring approx 14c m x 18cm. In the end the colors were sealed with shellac and varnish. On the top the phrase the King of Glory is written- "Ho Basileus tes Doxes" (OBΤΔΞ) the traditional orthodox inscription on top of the cross the Christogramm IC XC and finally the Greek word for Crucifixion -I Stavrosis

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