Framed painting of the Beloved Disciple -hand painted religious icon of Jesus - eggtempera on canvas scenes from the Passion of Christ by angelicon



The Beloved disciple- Thought for many to be St John the Theologian it also symbolises as an image what our relation with Christ should be, what it means to follow the Lord corrrectly

In my memories, from my childhood, there are also religious paintings that were decorating our houses, framed with beautiful ornamental golden frames. These are the icons I am trying to restore in a small series of framed paintings- The paintings are done with  eggtempera and  then framed, with handmade frames (gilded with 22K gold) to make a unique piece of religious work.

The size of the painting is 26x34 cm approx the frame is guileded with 22K gold while the background is copper gold with an antique patina on

The icon comes very carefully packaged along with its gift wrapping and some mini extras from our shop