Fragment of Harrowing of Hell orthodox byzantine Resurrection icon on wood Jesus Christ in the underword - Descent to Hades in christian art and iconography


A fragment The orthodox icon of the resurrection of Christ or the Harrowing of Hades- The Lord is descenting to the underworld (Hades in Greece)  defies death and saves manking. The icon is  focusing on the is stern but benevolent face of the Lord and the hand  still bearing the nails pulling Adam (all the human race) out of the endless pitt.

A fragment of a larger synthesis on a specially treated with gesso, plywood that hat measures 12x30 cm approximately 

The medium for this artwork (part of a series of paintings on based on byzantinen frescoes with scenes from the passion of Christ) is eggtempera, covered  with shellac (an organic varnish) and sealed with resin varnish.

The icon comes very carefully packaged along with its gift wrapping and some mini extras from our shop