The Embrace of St Joachim and Anne- 25 pcs Mini icon reproduction wedding favors anniversary gifts marital love and union symbolism



The Embrace of Saints Joachim and Anne, a beautiful portrayal of marital love and union - Mini icon reproductions that can be used as wedding anniversary favors- 25 pieces of miniature byzantine icons for the "boubounieres" that are given to guests as appreciation gifts in a lovely joyful ceremony - such as a  Wedding.

A wonderful memoir of a happy event and a suitable gift for the mystery of wedding, having as a theme Joachim and Anna  the holy and righteous parents of Mary and ancestors of God. A loving, patient, and much devoted couple.A reproduction of an original older work of angelicon- 

DETAILS: The miniature byzantine icons are art prints attached on small wooden panels with size:
1.96" x 2.36" (5x6 cm) and they are 5/32 inch thick

SHIPMENT TIMETABLE: After the order, we need 3 business days for the preparation of the favors and the shipment can last several days (please refer to our shipping policies for more details so please bear that in mind when ordering.

SYMBOLISM- Importance of boubounieres or Greek baptism/ wedding favors: Given after the mysteries of wedding to guests when they grant their wishes, as a small symbolic gift of appreciation (along with jordan almonds in odd numbers) and also as a memoir of this most significant event, a keepsake. The icon has also a very important symbolic value and may last for a long time bringing to memory this sacred event.


The option listed below is the plain one , but there are plenty of options so if you want a variation (With confetti/tulle, with a modest canvas bag - or individually wrapped as a gift, or just the icon charm please kindly contact us.