Eastern orthodox icon of Panagia- The Holy Mother religious painting, greek icon of Hodigitria, russian icon, holy iconography


Our beloved "Panagia" (The All Holy) pictured as the "Hodigitria", the Guide: Mary is holding the Christ Child and is pointing toward Him, He Who is the source of salvation, and thus Mary is acting as a Guide, leading us to our salvation (souce: thesaurostesekklesias- blogspot).One of the most traditional representations of Mother Mary in the eastern orthodox holy iconography

On each side the words Mother of God ('Mitir Theou") are writen as well as Jesus Christ (IC XC- Iesous Christos) in byzantine monograms.On this piece original 22K gold was used for the background.

It measures 9.84" x13.77" (25cm x 35cm) in size and it is  drawn according to the rules of the old byzantine art of hagiography or else holy iconography.