Driftwood sculpture of Abba Moses- Natural painted sculpture of St Moses the Black the Strong or the Ethiopian in an OOAk piece mixed media


Saint Moses the Ethiopian was a notorious bandit that actually became a symbol of non violence, a great saint and one of the fathers of the desert- The Saint is painted in piece of driftwood that was found on the shores of my island, Crete and being put in a wooden base

The scroll that etends to the base of the natural sculpture writes:  "Throw your weaknesses before God and God will be your strenght" 

An original painting in an uneven beachwood treated specially in order to be painted with eggtempera-  The curvature and the lines of the driftwood are followed and a wooden base is also added making a unique natural sculpture

Size can be seen in relation with my hand in the pics and is 19x13 cm in its widest sides

<3 Gift Wrapping: The icon is complemented with its own, also handmade, felt bag and some extras mini souvenirs from our shop- Very suitable for a very personal and unique gift.