Custom order for an icon of St Melitini or Melina Eggtemppera on plywood Greek name saints



A custom order for the icon of Saint Melitini. The name Melina derives from the word honey in greek, a name very beloved in Greece, honouring the memory of a glorious martyr that is celebrated on September 16th-.

The image is the starting point for the icon to be painted with the traditional eggtempera technique on gessoed wooden panel- ****The final  Icon would be similar but yet different. Every brushstroke is unique

The Icon will be painted in eggtempera. The colors will complementary , honey yellow and blue The frame and the halo  will be copper gold (that eventually with acquire an antique patina). The icon is to be varnished on top to produce an artifact that will last

Size: the icon  is measuring approx 22x28 and is 11 mm  thick

Delivery schedule- We need three weeks for the preparation and drying of the icons. Reference pics will be saint as soon as the painting phase is done

Shipment  can also last another couple of weeks and will be processed by first priority registered mail.