Custom Order Byzantine icon of the Lord Jesus Christ Pantokrator A4 size 22K gold hand painted



This is a custom order of the icon of the Lord Jesus Christ. The first drawing will be made on wood and  would be the starting point, the base for the hand painted with the traditional egg tempera technique, contemporary byzantine icon- 

The All mighty/omnipotent, Pantokrator in Greek is one of the most widely used religious images of the Lord in orthodox Christianity and an image of great symbolic weightA made to order piece based on an older work of ours.

Its size is almost similar to an A4 page (21x30 cm 9mm thick) and will be covered (and surrounded like floating) with 22K gold. The Christogramm (IC XC- Iesous Christos- or Jesus Christ-) will be written on the right and the left side of his halo  as well the name pantocrator. The gospel would be open on Matthew 11:28 in English, or in Greek (or the language of your choice) The icon is painted with red on the back and the sides and stamped with our Eka/Eri stamp- It also comes with a metal hanger for hanging on a wall.

Our technique is egg tempera (a mixture of egg vinegar and mineral powders).  Colours used will be similar with an older work of angelicon you see in the pic. On the background 22K gold.  The egg tempera will be applied in layers and on  top of them shellac (goma laca) and a final layer of resin varnish  is to be used to permanently seal the colours.- 

It usually takes me about two - three weeks to prepare the wooden panel, apply colours and varnishes and have them completely dried and ready.

Shipping may also last a while please view our policies for more:

The icon will be prepared and packaged in order to be given as a gift  (It can be gift messaged on the back too if the customer wishes- please send us your message.

It would be assorted with its handmade gift bag, and little extras from our shop.- Perfect for a very personal very special gift