Contemporary icon of a Myrrh-bearing Saint- Myrrhbearers or Myroforos byzantine iconography sacred art


There is a basic core of 7 (and more) women in my tradition  that are called the Myrrh-bearers, or Myrrh-bearing women that were following  and were disciples of the Lord, and stood by His side all times (even when all others have abandoned every effort and hope).

I consider female saints an essential part of my work, a theme that I very much like working on and exploring their imaging.-This icon of the "Myroforos" Saint was an opportunity for me  for an experimentation that I hope it paid out. DSo I drew inspiration from  personal images  and created this saint with  modern clothes and a sober grey background, the background of the crucifixion- 

A Myrrh-bearer- a young woman, not knowing with her head, only with her heart, loving and not knowing, walking to the grave of the Lord  in the darkest night.

The icon was hand painted, with several layers of egg tempera, on a canvas that was wrinkled attached on a wooden panel, and then covered on edges with a special plant dye that gives the icon an antique patina. Finally the icon was sealed with traditional wax varnish (or keronefto in Greek made with turpentine and wax) something that makes the light colours even more brighter


it measures approx 21 x 24 cm (longer than an A4) -The icon comes gift-wrapped in her special felt bag, handmade too!