Confirmation icon favor Archangel Michael Danish frescoes based 8x10 cm mini icons reproduction- baptism favors



A mini icon favor of the Archangel Michael holding a scale, taken by the most beautiful Danish fresco painting of "Mikael Sjælevejeren" found in Højby Kirke in Denmark. A combination of Northern european, medieval painting with a modern eye.

This listing contains 10 pieces religious icon favours that derive from an original older work of angelicon . A  small gift of great symbolic value.

Miniature religious  icons that are art prints attached on small wooden panels with size: 8x10 cm- and they are 5/32 inch thick. On the back our discreet signature stamp (Eka/Eri) 

They come very safely and very carefully packaged to make a perfect mini gift, keepsake or icon favor. If you want to see some more you may contact us directly with your request for your special event!