Child-bearing mother of God- Virgin Mary Kyoforousa- hand painted icon eggtempra on wood with antique craquelure


Recently I was asked to work on an image of the Holty Mother that is not so common; The image of the Child-bearing Virgin Mary to console and assist all the women that are bringing a child on to the world, to  empower and support the women that are on a course of a fertility treatment in order to finally hold their baby in their hands.

The icon is based on an original drawing and is painted by hand on a special canvas. Eggtempera was used in the icon, where we mix eggyolk with vinegar and dry pigments and add it to a white surface.  After painting the canvas is "cracked" and then applied with an organic dye to acquire a beautiful antique look.- The colours were finally sealed with varnish to produce an artifact that will last. The text on the sides writes:  Child bearing Mother of God-  ΜΗΤΗΡ ΘΕΟΥ Η ΚΥΟΦΟΡΟΥΣΑ

<3 Gift Wrapping: Our icons are complemented with handmade felt bag and our shop's little extras very suitable for a very personal gift