Byzantine Icon of Sofia- St Sophia original icon painted on handcrafted pine wood panel with eggtepera Contemporary byzantine art


Its not usual to have St Sophia pictured without her daughters , but here she is painted on a piece of pine wood measuring approx 13x18 and is 33mm thick

The panel has a border made by hand and a darkened -by pyrography- background - It was just the area that is covered by  the Saints' figure that was specially treated with gesso and painted. The halo is also made by copper gold

The technique we are using for the creation of this portrait is the same that were used for centuries in traditional iconography. It is named egg tempera technique. A  mixture of pigments, egg yolk and vinegar produces the color that is applied in many layers in a plastered  wooden panel. After the painting  the icon is applied gets shellac on top (an organuc varnish) and then  a natural resin varnish to last for generations.

The painting is packaged as a gift, together with some extras from our shop. Perfect for a very personal gift