Brigid of Ireland - sacred fire Irish saint celtic folk inspired mini ornament in gold -Brigit or Bride religious syncretism and art



The Celtic lore and it's echoings in Christianity are one of my favourite subjects. Brigid of Ireland are one of the saints that I always like to represent, very freely here, holding the sacred fire and her celtic cross

The small  icon measures approximately 6 x 10 cm and is painted in a slice of a wooden branch. It comes with a simple beige string for hanging.

Our icons are hand painted according to the ancient egg tempera technique. We produce the paint from a mixture of mineral powders, egg yolk and vinegar and then we apply it layer upon layer in a plastered a wooden panel . After painting, the icon is varnished (with a natural resin varnish) and then left to dry for several days to produce an artifact that will last.