Bomboniere with Ceramic Boat Necklace- 50 pieces Greek Pottery Pendant favors-Nautical decoration for a baby baptism - Guest Amulets Artisan Ceramic Jewellery handcrafted in Greece



An adorable mini boat pendant, sailing around the Greek isles :) A Ceramic necklace tied around a tulle tuff  with sugar-coated almonds, the traditional  treats for a baby's baptism.

A very impressive gift for the guests of your baptism, with a greek flair. Each individual piece is uniquely handcrafted by  @Katerina Sf 
The boat necklaces are hanging from synthetic (or wax) ribbon tied -so as to form cute bow- around the tulle tuff that contains the sugar coated almonds
The necklaces are made from light-weight Cretan Clay (a local orange earthware clay, used since antiquity) and are overpainted with toxic free acrylics. 
The tulle pouch contains three fresh AA quality jordan almons 
They wil be surely appreciated and worn long after the event is over.

*** Minimum order 50 pieces, minimum preparation time 3 calendar weeks.The bombonniere are prepared in our pet- free, smoke free workshop. and very carefully packaged, not to be damaged during shipment, Shipmet may also last up to 2 more calendar weeks depending your location.
***There is also the option of ordering a bigger number of pieces, the decorative boats of the last pic, or even just the pendants without the treats, please kindly contact us for more