Blessed Saint Xenia of St. Petersburg, Reserved for S. russian saint icon , Fool for Christ-holy iconography and religious art


The blessed St. Xenia, or the venerated figure of a beloved russian Saint that wished to be known to the world as  Andrey Fyodorovich Petrov. St Xenia choose a very difficult path in order to glorify the lord and became a "Fool for Christ'- The image of the Holy fool is found in the core of eastern orthodox mysticism and very very close to the Russian heart.- I was very moved by Her image and I did my best in representing her in this light wooden panel

The icon measures 30x12 cm in height approx 

Our icons are hand painted according to the ancient egg tempera technique. We produce the paint from a mixture of mineral powders, egg yolk and vinegar and then we apply it layer upon layer in a plastered a wooden panel . After painting, the icon is varnished (with a natural resin varnish) and then left to dry for several days to produce an artifact that will last.