Baptism bomboniere with Greek Wishes favors - 10 boubouniera for a baby boy or girl- burlap in pink and blue koufeta gifts



The listing  contains 10 pieces of baby boy or girl bomboniere for a greek baptism. These are gifts for guests made from burlap in pink or in  blue ribbon, and inside they are filled with tulle  a cellophane bag and koufeta (sugar cated almonds) in it. The ribbons are tied  on round wooden ornaments with wishes for the baby  in Greek: Agape (Love) Tychi (Luck) Eftychia (Hapiness) Hara (joy)

The bomboniere are sent carefully packaged so they wont be damaged during shipment. The koufeta (3 in number) are sealed and protected first inside a cellophane bag so they ll remain intact

You can see the approx size of the boubouniera in relation with my hand in the pics-The package is prepared in our pet- free, smoke free workshop.

We need 10 days for the preparation of the package and shipment may last 20 or more days (depending your location)- So  please bear that in mind when ordering