Baby wearing Madonna byzantine icon of Theotokos carying Child Christ - 22 x 28cm Painted by hand contemporary original religious art


The painting of "Baby -wearing Madonna- An original icon and a Theme inspired by peruvian art but viewed from a byzantine point of view

The icon represents the Holy Mother doing her chores and toddler-Christ there with her.  The dominant colors are red (divinity) blue (humanity) yellow (Light)- the traditional colors used for representing the Holy Mother and Child

Background is covered with copper gold that has a copperish patina on, to acquire an antique look. The pliywood panel measures 22 x 28 cm approx and is 10mm thick

The icon is painted, with the traditional egg tempera - a mixture of powder pigments egg yolk and vinegar-  on a specially prepared (reinforced with cotton and gesso) birch plywood panel. On the back the icon comes with a hanger

Gift packaging: The icon is been send carefully packaged inside its own fabric sleeve assorted with some mini extras from our shop, for a very special, very personal gift