Antique style Byzantine icon The Last Supper- Traditional Icon religious painting in egg tempera -Reserved for B



The Last Supper of Christ. Christ is standing in the middle with his favorite disciple John right next to him- Judas is the one seen  on his profile- the person obviously moving trying to "take" something more. All the other disciples are seated and another scene of the Passions of Christ is unfolding. 

On each side the words "O Deipnos o Mystikos" The Last Supper, are writen as well as Jesus Christ (IC XC- Iesous Christos) in Greek.On this piece original copper gold was used for the background something that has given an antique style to the painting


In this technique we are using the traditional egg tempera (that we produce from a mixture of pigments, egg yolk and vinegar) plastered wooden panel and gold metal leaves. After painting, the icon is varnished (with a natural resin varnish) and then we leave it to dry for several days to produce an artwork that will last.