Abba Isaac the Syrian, An orthodox saint and a great monastic figure- contemporary byzantine icon sacred art of the East


A great figure of eastern monasticism - St Issac the syrian - A great saint known for his writings and the ascetic homilies he left- One of the desert fathers and a figure I am never tired of painting

In his scroll it writes in Greek one of his sayings: (in my rough translation) : "Temple of Divine grace is any man who always remembers the Lord"

The icon measures 19x25  cm and  is painted by hand according to the rules of the old byzantine art of hagiography or else holy iconography. In this ancient technique we are using the egg tempera on a plastered wooden panel we made our selves. After painting, the icon is varnished (this one has the traditional mixture of wax and resin) to seal the colors and produce an artwork that will last.

Copper gold is added on the background that will eventually add an antique copperish patina to the painting.

Additionally the icon comes tenderly protected in its individual bag, together with its instructions how to care for it, a little sachet of herbs from our garden in Crete -and our custom icon favors - Ready to be used as a gift