8 Mini female saints- A Welcoming Committee of Apostles, Nobles, Nomads,Hermits Bishops, Musicians-sainthood and women


Eight female Saints that glorified the name of women- an approach to female identity and sainthood-  Apostles and Nobles, Nomads and Hermits, Bishops, Musicians and Martyrs - A group of women  that come from various age groups composing what is nicknamed as a "welcoming committee" .The icons were custom made and are reserved for their comissioner.

They were painted with egg tempera in mini wooden panels sized 8x12.
The Group's "core" is comprised by 5 women connected with the legends of Provence- The two sisters of Lazarus  Martha and Maria -(refered as Saint Mary of the Holy Balm and St Martha of Tarascon. Two more elder Myrrh-bearers: St Salome, and St Mary Jacobi, known in Greek as Maria of Klopas. Finally another "surprise" Saint is added; Young St Sarah, a servant girl, who became the patron saint of the Roma people.
There are three more participants in this group:
St Barbara, the patron saint of Artillery, St Cecilia the patron saint of musicians  and last but not least a saint with a royal descent: Saint Constantia
The colours used in this group were inspired by the palette of Danish kalkmalerier but interpereted through my own colour language (greenish blue, ochre and rouge anglais mixed with some variations of grey sometimes approaching lilac others violet).
Copper gold was added as a background that will eventually gove a coperish patina to the painting- On top shellac and resin varnish was added to produce some artefacts that will graceful age for the years to come