7 Mini female saints- sainthood and women A Mix of Misionairies, Mystics Apostels, Disciples, Religious Leaders sacred art and iconography of Greece


Seven female Saints that glorified the name of women- another approach to female identity and sainthood-  Here we have Mystics and Visionaries , Theoretics and People of the World; Disciples and even religious Leaders. A group of women that comes from various age groups composing a "female mix" .The icons were custom made and are reserved for their comissioner.

They were painted with egg tempera in mini wooden panels sized 8x12 cm with the traditional eggtempera technique. Copper gold was added as a background that was specially treated with an organic dye to give an antique look (I liked to underline the feeling of another era/another world that antique patina gives) I also havent signed on the front, but rather on the back of the icons.  Finally resin varnish has sealed the colours.

Four women of the Group are connected with the circle of the Myrrhbearers- The women who were following and supporting the Lord whenever he went, who never abandoned and stood by his side in times of great peril and anguish.

These are the two sisters of Lazarus Martha and Maria of Bethany -(Theory and practice - Martha is represented holding the daily  bread and the Mary a scroll as a reference to:"...Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her."). Then the Apostle of Apostles,  St Mary Magdalena and one more elder Myrrh-bearer: St Joanna the wife of Chuza.

There are three more participants in this group: St Hilda the abbess of Whitby, St Rita of Cascia, and last but not least St Nina the Enlightener of Georgia.

I ve tried to see them,and paint them- not as separate individual saints- but as an ensemble, as a group  that refers to  a persons unique life story. I used the characteristic colours of each saint (where applicable) but with similar, unified highlights- I only hope my approach in their imaging honours their name and shows another aspect of women and sainthood.