Our Philosophy

When we 've started our workshop, we felt as we came to bridge a gap; on one hand there were impressive, wonderful pieces of religious art full of intricate detail but in prices that were way too expensive and on the other hand there were cheap, mass-produced, low quality print-outs of older mostly known, and widespread works.

For us religious art, and especially byzantine icons, holds a message that is eternal and very much needed; especially in these times that we are living in- Therefore icons should be accessible to all people, for the assistance, consolation and healing they provide to the human heart and spirit.

So we took all the procedure on our own hands- creating, in our small workshop, medium sized or miniature paintings with simpler themes, and a "fresher" view. We respect all processes and traditional techniques while using our own materials -panels, colours, even top coats- and accordingly reducing the costs without compromising the quality.

Our icons are handled throughout their making process with the due respect that effortlessly emanates from their special spiritual nature.

We aim to convey this veneration and affection felt- to our customers; from the point of viewing, to ordering our icons, unwrapping the cloth that tenderly protects them and scenting the beautiful fragrance of wild herbs/natural plants that are escorting them to their long journey.

Our essential goal is to make our customers glad that the icon is finally theirs to care for, to inspire them. In brief, we take charge of transforming a mere purchase into a spiritual uplifting experience.

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Angelicon is Eka and Eri: