Open house weekends

I am sure that you d love to visit, and we would love to meet you and show you our works and working techniques! So if you happen to pass :) by the area , we are having open house extended weekends and we would be delighted to welcome you at our workshop.

Please contact us to book an appointment (for the wekend or any other day if you are making only a shot visit) at [email protected] 

Mary and Gabriel featured in ROOTS- Adult & All Age issue 92

So excited that angelicon's work will accompany the Young People's page in the ROOTS’ magazine in Adult & All Age issue 92. The picture with the diptych of Mary and Gabriel will be visually complementing an excellent material collection on page for the Annunciation - For more meaningfull content as well as worship and learning resources please visit:

We got featured!- Many thanks to Sacred art pilgrim

Many many thanks to John Kohan- It is such a pleasure to have our work and profile featured among so many truly amazing artists of the Sacred art pilgrim's collection- For more please visit:

Orthodox Easter

As we are approaching Easter, the biggest celebration for Orthodoxy, our stock gets renewed fast! Check out our spcial shop section for new additions of  icons with themes taken out of the orthodox byzantine tradition, and the Passion of Christ:

Shopping for Christmas

It is never too early for Christmas- Angelicon has prepared and constantly renewing  its collection with ethnic Christmas ornaments and traditional icon's for Christmas! 

For more please visit our shop's section:

An Icon tree party

Holiday season is here! We  had a lot of fun fixing our icon tree with our friends and our own hand painted Xmas ornaments here in our work shop