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Thin on thick, cold on warm- Color layers in egg tempera

Like in the icon of St Thaney in the picture the "antithesis" is one of the basics of the eggtempera. In the first layer we start with thick color, to create a solid foundation and continue with thinner and thinner (by saying thin we mean the quantity of the egg medium that is mixed with powder pigments) layers where light penetratesand the different layers interact with each othe creatibf a totally new color

The simplest way to prepare the egg medium (for egg tempera)

Here's the simplest (and most amateurish) but efficient :) way to prepare your egg medium:

You will need:

An Egg yolk, equal quantity of vinegar, a plastic mesh strainer, two  glasses, and a container to store the liquid

Put the egg yolk and then the equivalent amount of vinegar in the plastic glass (with a couple of droplets of water) mix them well and afterwards  transfer them in the other glass, through the plastic mesh strainer in order to filter the yolk sack.

How to protect your icon painting- Traditional top coats and byzantine icon painting

Long time since I wrote a "how to" post - This time, I thought to deal shortly with top coats and the traditional ways to finalize your work.

Egg-tempera is a very fine and durable material as long as it remains protected from insects (that really find it very... yummy) and moisture (and in case of Churches, the devastating effects of lipstick, that permanently stains, with its oils, the icon)

So, after completing painting, and letting a week go by (that is the time that egg-tempera really needs to dry)- We need to first protect and then totally isolate the colours.

Byzantine expressionism

Byzantine painting , an art form that  was expressionism centuries (maybe a milennium) before expressionism /symbolism or surrealism ever even existed. Some of the characteristic elements of this painting "genre" that point towards this direction are:

-The main figure/ feature Enlightened being -The saint, the Saviour or the Holy Mother) is bigger that anything else in the icon.