Stanzae SWI Exhibition, Palazzo Branciforte in Palermo 30/07-12/08/22


Thrilled to be part of Stanzae SWI International exhibition part of the project 20 Santi della cita di Palermo- Thanks to creators Luca Lo Sicco, David Carrigan and the APPA Museum

Are you in Palermo? You might want to pay a visit:

20 Saints for the city of Palermo for 2020


So excited to be part of 20 Santi per la Citta project, in a year where they are so much needed  

A new Blue Madonna for Palermo is mounted in a beautiful frame in Vicolo dei Corieri right in the heart of the town

Heartfelt thanks to @greeceneedslove for the initiative

Angelicon in Berlin


Angelicon is travelling to Berlin!- If you happen to be on the region :) come an visit us in  Berliner Kunstmark am Zeughaus for this weekend 12-13 October, 2018

Art in Heaven Silent Auction - March 2018


Wishes for every sucess for Art in Heaven, a silent auction showcasing pieces of coptic (or wanna- be coptic like angelicon) artists  in a spiritual setting! The 9th annual AIH Gallery is taking place in the Historic Loew’s Jersey theater, on March 10th, 2018.- if you want to know more please visit: