Making a painting study of Sinai Pantocrator- working hypothesis

A (very challenging, yet very satisfactory) study of an icon,  the very first image of the type "Pantocrator" (All might God) - painted around 6th century AD.
I approached the icon as a "bridge" piece between ancient (roman-hellenistic) and byzantine art- and I leaned towards the ancient - That led me to:
- Use as less colors as possible- Ancient Greek painters were famous for creating their works using four - I limited to my 10-12 color palette to 6- Imitate theuse of Golden highlights in the stars, clavus, gospel and halo)
-Consider some elements, as the light in garments, erased by time - and rendered them in a softer not  very geometric (as in later byzantine art)  way
- Avoid novelties or additions such as the Christogramm (ICXC), or the inscriptions inside the halo and keep the stars on the top
Drawing of Pantokrator of Mt Sinai


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