Kampos, the icon''s background and other technicalities

Kampos, (literally translated as field, or valley n Greek), is the technical term (in the same language) for the background of a byzantine icon-

IWe are acquaintyed with images with Saintis floating in a timeless, golden background. Gold does not only represent the saints splendor and enlightment- It also may signify the timeless, and "spaceless' Another dimention in which the Saint or the divine figure is transferred to and is calling us in

From a technical poin of view, gold is almost trated as black, a void, a non color that covers the kampos and allows the artist to deal with the figures/ details

There are various ways to cover the background  of a byzantine icon ,so to summpn things up, these are 
A) plain color: Dark Blue like fresco, red (otherworldly like some russian icons) fleshy greenish or whatever suits the artist
B) 22k gold 
C) an imitation of gold , made of copper and gold applied with gilding technique

B and C have no difference in symbolism They differ in price and behavior through time
While 22k looks identical , as bought copper becomes stained  and  brown through time in an uneven way. We call this effect "antique patina" and sometimes we pursue it by applying an additional organic (plant ) dye exactly the one you see in the posts picture


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